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April’s speaking fees for keynotes or other in-person events are $10,000 to $25,000 depending on the duration of the talk, and how much preparation and customization is required.

April does customize every talk for the audience and theme of the event. Her fees include a prep call with the conference organizers and she is happy to also include an additional session or mini-workshop at the event. April is happy to participate in event-related promotional activities and additional on-site activities at the event. April charges a flat fee for travel, quoted up front, that includes airfare and incidentals. In rare cases, April does speak for less, if the event or cause is something she believes in. Fill in the contact form and we can discuss if there is a creative way to make it happen.

It’s easy to understand why the Product Marketing Community has rated April as their best speaker two years running!  April’s talks are a rare combination of actionable advice and hilarious storytelling.

Rowan Noronha, founder, ProductMarketingCommunity.com, NA Marketing Leader (oCFO), SAP

April’s talk on positioning is the best remembered of our 2nd conference by far. April electrified the audience of La Product Conference, which is an accomplishment for an English speaker speaking to a French audience.

Fabrice des Mazery, Co-organizer, La Product Conference