Practical positioning that accelerates marketing and sales.
Prospects are drowning in a sea of competitive choices. How can we help our best-fit customers intuitively understand the value of our products?
Specialized Positioning Consulting Services for B2B Tech Companies.
Positioning defines how our product is different and better than alternatives for a particular set of customers. Strong positioning is the foundation of great marketing and sales and is the starting point for a company’s messaging, branding, lead generation, and sales strategy. 

I help B2B tech companies tighten and fine-tune their positioning to improve their marketing and sales performance. I use a structured positioning methodology that I developed during my 25-year career as a marketing executive at a series of successful startups. This process has now been battle-tested and refined with more than 100 startups.
Let's Work
April is the master at positioning and bringing B2B tech to market.
Rich Mironov
CEO and product management guru
You have a positioning problem, I have a solution in 10 easy steps.
A must read for any founder, marketer, or salesperson struggling to make their product stand out.
Kirk Simpson
Co-Founder and CEO of Wave
There are few go to market professionals that have proven scale-up success across multiple organizations. If you’re a startup looking for someone who has really been there, done that, April’s your gal.
David Bloom
Founder and CEO LevelJump
Positioning, Is. Hard. Really hard.
But April gets it better than anyone I know.
Oli Gardner
co-founder of Unbounce
April Dunford contributed invaluable work for Redgate, helping us position our company around a reframed area with more growth opportunities and a bigger mission than we had before. Since then our revenues have grown substantially, in part due to our better positioning.
Simon Galbraith
CEO, RedGate Software
Keynote Speaker
I speak at conferences around the world for audiences from hundreds to thousands. My talks are informative with just enough humour to keep your audiences both engaged and entertained. I’m comfortable with both in-person and virtual events and typically speak at Startup, Entrepreneurship, SaaS, Marketing,and Innovation-focused events.
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