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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of companies do you generally work with?
I work with growth-stage startups and larger organizations with thorny positioning problems. Our positioning work will focus on where you are seeing success in the market and how we can position to accelerate that success. 

What  if my product hasn’t launched yet? What if I am still in beta or building an MVP?
I don’t work with pre-launch or very early release products. At that stage I believe you need to keep your positioning fairly loose. I recommend you read my book, Obviously Awesome, to get a better understanding of how to craft your positioning, once you start to get some traction with paying customers. 

Do you work with B2B and B2C companies?
I mainly work with B2B companies. I worked for 25 years inside companies that sold to businesses. I have worked with some B2C companies but generally only where the product is a considered purchase and there is some form of sales interaction in the purchase process. 

What's the lead time to work with you?
I'm generally booked a few months in advance. I'm currently booking workshops for Q2 2024.
Can I pay you for an hour of your time?
Unfortunately no. You can read my books however. I wrote them with the goal of answering the most common positioning and sales pitch questions. 

What is your speaking fee? Can I get you as a guest on my podcast?
The audiences that love me most are tech executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, marketing executives and product leaders. My fee varies depending on the audience and the commitment. Contact me and we can discuss it more.
Sometimes you need a smart, experienced outsider to help you see things in your business in a different light. April Dunford is that person.
Benjamin Alarie
CEO, Blue J Legal