June 3, 2020
April Dunford's Podcast Roundup

I’ve been a guest on a lot of great podcasts recently. Here are a handful that folks seem to love the best:

I was interviewed on the creatively named How the F*ck podcast where they challenged me to give them a good story. I told them the origin story of Watcom SQL and how we originally designed the product to be one thing, but it ended up being something very different. How to: a product positioning that went on to make $1 billion.

On The Ground Up podcast I talked about Janna Systems and how we repositioned into a niche and found success there and also a bit about how surprised I was that my positioning book ended up being such a success. Product Positioning Has a Positioning Problem––Here’s How to Solve It.

I had a great conversation with Eric Boduch from Pendo on the Product Love Podcast where we talked a bit about my career journey, what it’s like to do 7 startups and why the Positioning Statement is stupid. Product Love Podcast with April Dunford.

On Growth Marketing Today I talked a bit about my career, what you do when your product doesn’t have much traction, why I’m not so focused on “Branding” and why I don’t think freemium is always a good idea. Positioning B2B Products so That Customers Find them Obviously Awesome.

Jane Portman from Userlist interviewed me about my book for her UI Breakfast podcast including how I developed the methodology and developed a consulting practice around that. UI Breakfast Podcast with April Dunford. Jane and her team also wrote a great blog post about how they used the positioning methodology in my book to refine their own positioning for Userlist.

I’m always happy to be a guest on a podcast -if you’re interested contact me.