April 28, 2020
The Obviously Awesome Audiobook is Here

When I first released Obviously Awesome about a year ago, I wasn’t really sure that very many people would read it. Positioning isn’t new and when I pitched the idea to publishers, they were skeptical that there was anything new to say about it. I went ahead with the book anyway but left the audiobook for a later date. I decided that I would wait and see if there was any demand for one.

Many of you did, in fact, demand it. Folks sent me long emails about their love of audiobooks, about how dyslexia made it hard for them to read, about how their commute made it impossible to read a regular book. I realized I had made a mistake by skipping the audiobook.

It took me a while to get time in a studio. Then it took some more time to figure out what I was doing. Finally, the audiobook is here! I narrated the book myself because I didn’t think that narration would be difficult. I was wrong! The audiobook consultant I hired to help introduced me to a “voice coach” to give me some tips. “Just read out loud like you normally would,” he said. I tried to recall the last time I had read out loud “normally.” I have teenaged kids so I thought back to reading Goodnight Moon about 15 years ago. “Goodnight Positioning,” I crooned. I don’t think this was the “normal” reading he was thinking about. It turned out “reading out loud normally” isn’t something I do naturally.

Regardless, I muddled through.

Like the paper and ebook versions, the Obviously Awesome audiobook version will give you a solid background on what positioning is all about, how to spot if your product’s positioning is weak, and a way to break positioning up into its component pieces. Most importantly, it gives you a 10 step process to improve the positioning of your product and a set of case study examples to illustrate how the process works.

I hope you enjoy 4 hours of my lilting Canadian accent and I’m sorry it took me so long!